Where it all began

All healing goes through the heart.

When I was in junior high in Long Island, I used to listen to the Long John Nevel radio show, where he would talk about everything from astral projection to meditation. The program would go on from 10pm to 5am and I would stay in my bedroom fighting sleep, not wanting to miss anything. In my everyday life, everything seemed phony where people’s focus was on material progress in their own lives. My inner world was more about exploration, discovery of Tibetan masters and meditation through my imagination and the radio shows. Living in New York there were museums, coffee houses, music venues, Greenwich Village, books, and art and then my everyday world of going to school and dealing with the tension between the rich and working class kids. I felt I could visit all these different worlds but not belong in either. Looking back, that became the theme of my life’s work; exploring and discovering everything I can but never fully becoming one part of a community.

What became apparent to me was that the human race continued to be frustrated, reactive and disrespectful for all living forms. So the main question for me became, “How do we help each other get well and live lives of health and purpose?”

In response to that question, I began exploring meditation and to my surprise I got a lot of interest from other kids who were looking for something else other than just hanging out and looking for trouble in the park. I also began writing a book of poetry which I called, “The Revelations of the Insane.” That started getting a lot of response from all kinds of characters. I wrote three chapters and never completed the project. As I continue to teach, more and more people would show up and some of them introduced me to jazz, beat poetry, and a new way of looking at things.

I started working, and then traveling as a teenager. At the age of 17, I left the United States which took me to many places around the world, learning from many different types of teachers and studying in many different academic fields.

In 1966, I found myself in my first Kabbalah class, in Jerusalem, where I learned that there was a structure to the process of making a thought manifest. Within this structure, there was no mention of evil, suffering, confusion, violence; all that was due to imbalances and poor choices made by humans on this planet. The creation came about for the purpose of actualizing a potential into something more conscious than the original. In order for anything to expand, it needed first to contract and that all of life was an expression of higher intent.

So at the age of 18, I realized that life was precious. It was designed to produce something beyond our ability to comprehend; that suffering and ill-health distorts our original intention and purpose; and there must be a way to heal and repair the damage that our poor choices had brought to us.

And thus began my 35 year quest to find the healing process that was buried within us, every cell, every crystal and every possibility that has not been creatively expressed.



  1. Hallo to all 🙂

    yes, and still 2013 all healing goes through the heart. It never was and never will be otherwise, as long as healing here on earth is necassary. As long as people live the old illusions and consider them real.
    The way through the heart is the way home into the awareness of the true inner Self. There, all is sane and peace – for ever. This awareness expressing and living your live on earth in a body- this is healing and joy, for yourself and then for all.
    The heart is the doorway – man only has to go through.

    with very kindly and heartly regards
    for all mankind

  2. This is such an important excseire for healing. As I focus on what I am thankful for during this week of Thanksgiving, it is a perfect time to sort out what I need to let go of in my life. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  3. and I am astonished the facts about dinastce healing. How amazing it is to know about our ancient medical practice. I used to wonder how it is possible to treat diseases through siddha, homoepathy during my college days. Probably it was only the commercialised part I understood. Many thanks for this valuable information.Shankar Ganesh

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