Healing Approach

Health is our birthright.

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My practice has earned a long history of successfully solving the puzzle of why people have chronic health problems and/or are functioning at a suboptimal level. Our bodies have brilliant, sophisticated regulatory systems that are designed to keep us healthy and vibrant until a very ripe old age. Modern living has stressed the body by repairing itself with artificial nutrients along with daily exposure to lethal toxins and man-made chemicals. These persistent conditions have initiated chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. This is a reflection of our bodies making a choice for survival at the expense of short term well-being, and reduces our body’s ability to adapt to stress as we become further dysregulated.

After over 35 years of exploring multiple modalities and studying science and great universal spiritual philosophical systems, I have found a unique understanding that connects these different pathways. I call this unifying principle: “The Healing Process”.  Here at the Center for the Healing Process, we utilize not only healing modalities, but also cutting-edge diagnostic laboratory testing, brained-based neurology, hormonal and physiological processes which enable us to correctly diagnose and treat conditions.

The Healing Process

The healing process is how potential becomes disturbed and the steps it needs to heal. The steps for the healing process are:

  1. All experience is opportunity.
  2. The essence of who we are is separate from what we experience.
  3. Life includes a series of negotiations to correct and limit the effects of exposure to toxins, environmental distortions and abhorrent human behavior.
  4. Surfacing of suppressed traumas into conscious awareness.
  5. Grieve. The process of, on multiple levels, experiencing the finality what is lost in one’s life forever.
  6. Acceptance. Encompasses forgiveness and release of past attachments assumptions that drain our current life.
  7. Unconditional love. Love that allows separation fully connected.
  8. Compassion. The determination to remove one’s ignorance to become an example to others.
  9. Focus attention. The ability to be present and in the moment and not drained of one’s potential.
  10. Altruism. Where one’s purpose is to be there for all sentient beings.
  11. The luminosity of all potential and existence.

All treatments are customized and may include any combination of whole food nutrition, classical homeopathy and physical modalities. We focus on alleviating symptoms and initiating the process of full recovery. Our treatments are sophisticated, cost effective, and designed to be affordable. Rarely, do we suggest anything forever. We truly believe in the body’s innate ability to heal and recalibrate itself.

Kabbalistic Alchemy

Kabbalah Tree of life

The initial Kabbalistic process came about under unique historical circumstances as a response to a great deal of suffering in people’s everyday lives; only later was it shown to have medicinal benefits in addition to spiritual reconnection. Kabbalistic Alchemy was a medicinal process of transformation that was envisioned as a way of freeing one’s entrapment in the physical world.

The Kabbalists would take a substance from either a plant or mineral and remix it, using the tree of life as their paradigm for creating the medicinal substances. In practice, they did this by turning natural substances into a spiritual remedy. The medicine was used to help seekers reconnect with their spirituality.

The Science of Homeopathy

In 1796, Samuel Hahnemann simplified the Kabbalistic Alchemical process into a medical system, known as Homeopathy, which dealt with maladies of the mind and the body.

In homeopathy, a patient’s condition is understood to be a unified dynamic. It is seen as an evolving process, which will continue to develop and deepen unless it is arrested and cured. Homeopathic medicine takes into account all physical and psychological symptoms a patient manifests, so as to treat the individual as a whole. It matches the core essence of the individual’s condition with something similarly unique in nature to determine the specific remedy. The appropriate homeopathic remedy will reduce the magnitude of the condition’s symptomatic expression, quiet the reactionary phases and give suffering individuals the opportunity to resume their lives and express their own uniqueness.

Alchemical-homeopathic remedies are derived from the “Law of Similars,” as explained by the Arndt-Schultz Law of Biochemistry, which states that a micro dose of a chemical or organic substance will stimulate a biophysical reaction, while a macro dose will suppress it. These remedies are found to be effective not only in helping people recover from illness, but also in stopping the progress of chronic disease and at times reversing it.

Approximately two hundred years ago, physicians found that people came in with predispositions to certain disease states. These predispositions, labeled as ‘miasms’, correlated to suffering experienced by prior generations. Today, researchers feel that the mechanism is a tiny peptide (or protein) molecule carrying what is known as a single transduction signal that stimulates the genetic expression of disease. From a practical stand point, treatment consists of key nutrients that inhibit these peptides from ever becoming expressed. These tiny proteins are inhibited by precise nutrients that we use in our therapies for preventing and reversing chronic disease.

Many people have reported, when taking these remedies, they had experienced profound insights into their lives, in addition to finding that many of their chronic conditions were moderating and reversing to a less reactive state. A reactive state exists when people suffer from physical/mental/emotional symptoms that prevent them from living in the present and expressing their life experience. When given appropriately, these remedies are helpful in slowing down the reactive tendencies. The subjective healing of these symptoms has been confirmed by advanced scientific laboratory testing. Today, researchers like William Tiller, Professor Emeritus, and former chairman at Applied Materials at Stanford University, believes these remedies carry information that acts through electromagnetism to promote healing.

The Nature of Chiropractic Orthopedics and Neurologyhealth-and-wellness

Chiropractic is a branch of the healing arts that is concerned with human health, prevention of disease, and the relationship between the neuroskeletal and musculoskeletal structures and functions of the body. The primary focus of chiropractic is the relationship of the spinal column and the nervous system, as it relates to the restoration and maintenance of health. Gentle manipulation often reduces nerve interference, thereby reducing stress, slowing down the rate of wear and tear on the body and the joints, and rejuvenating the whole neuro-muscular system.

Chiropractic treatment is essential for the restoration of functional health. By harmonizing the body’s “wireless anatomy,” chiropractic care restores function and bestows on the individual the ability to become focused on life, rather than on pain and dysfunction. Restored function provides one with the requisite energy to pursue external goals, express uniqueness, heal adverse conditions and successfully work on inner development.

It has been discovered that post traumatic habituation (peripheral tissue damage or nerve injury), if left untreated or neglected, often leads to pathological pain processes such as chronic headaches, loss of muscle strength, muscle spasm and loss of flexibility in movement. These processes result in a feedback loop of chronic degenerative musculoskeletal syndromes which can be effectively treated when addressed in a timely manner.