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“I cannot say enough about the skill set of Dr. Gerald Cohen as he is beyond words in capabilities. Dr. Cohen is amazing in finding out what the medial issue is and I call him the “ultimate cause finder!” One instance I came to see him when my vision became blurry and was worried about my eyesight. He asked me some questions and did a little test and the answer was my thyroid was too active…interesting and accurate as Dr. Cohen explained about pathways. His seminars fill up quickly and are very insightful. I am a believer in the holistic approach and find Dr. Cohen’s knowledge in a category all by itself. I have been several years in his care for back problems, immune system tune ups and general care. Dr. Cohen comes highly recommended and I pass him on to you with much confidence.” – Tiffany B.

“Dr. Cohen has an uncanny ability to choose remedies that work brilliantly for the purpose of overall healing. I came to him shortly after suffering a medicinal catastrophe that landed me in a four day coma. When other avenues had failed, and the modern medical community had thrown up their hands at me, he pulled me out of a medical train wreck and put me back on the path to wellness. I went from being very sick and at home to now running a business and caring for three children as a single mom. I feel vibrant and healthy again, and when I tell my story to others they often say things like, “I just can’t picture you ever being that sick!” I highly recommend his expertise and encourage anyone on the fence about homeopathy to try it. It can’t hurt and it literally saved my life. Well done, Dr. Cohen.” – Deb T.

“We had consultation (about 2 hours!) with Dr. Cohen for our daughter’s skin condition and we felt he was the only doctor who did not just say, put some cream [on it]. He really took his time to understand our eating habits and our environment to see what type of test would be sufficient. He is really good at following up with my phone calls for any questions. I finally felt as if I’m talking to somebody who really understands our frustration and to help us heal within, without a quick patch. He even did some body adjustment for my daughter and she (4 year old) felt totally comfortable with him. I’m looking forward to our treatment schedule.” – A I.

“Dr. Cohen is a wonderful healer. I have been his patient for 28 years since I was 15 and couldn’t barely move because of my wry neck. Nice office, takes the time to listen to you and reasonable prices. Also he knows a ton about nutrients in foods and supplements that help the body heal. So far focusing on my nutrition he has helped me lose 40 lbs and keep me from all those obesity issues. He knows the body and he knows the best way for it to heal. Five stars !!! Dr. Gerald Cohen !!” – Gary B.

“I consider it God’s grace to have discovered Dr. Cohen. After suffering for 2 years and getting depressed not knowing the reason for all the medical/health problems I was having, after getting frustrated with the US Health system and the doctors, I was so happy to discover a man who had an “All rounded approach” for treatment. I am from India and as a kid me and my family believed in Homeopathy. Its a science where you find the real cause of the problem and treat it rather than masking the condition by giving pain killers (which is what our Western medical system does). This is what Dr. Cohen is all about. He helped me get over the mystery as why I was not able to absorb any nutrients from food and why I had constant Anemia. No matter how many regular Iron supplements I had, I was anemic. He uses supplements made with 100% organic food. So please put a stop to all the poison you are taking in from pharmacies and go see him. I am sure he will have an answer for any problem. He is a very hard-working, sincere and a helpful man. I still thank my stars for having met him.” – Sameera G.

“Dr. Cohen changes lives. He is an extra-ordinary practitioner and human being. He has solved problems and created healing pathways for my family for nearly 9 years, when other doctors have offered little help or prospects for positive outcomes. In 2003, he saved my career and changed by life by treating my depression & Epstein Barr syndrome with classical homeopathy. He has been a source of physical and spiritual healing ever since, Dr. Cohen truly rises above and beyond the call of duty. My husband injured his back on Christmas Eve and crawled into his office. Dr. Cohen came in just to see him at 4pm. My husband walked out of his office an hour later and we went on vacation the next day. My best friend was given a prognosis of ongoing-deterioration due to an auto-immune illness, from medical doctors. He is now healthier, stronger, and less immune reactive than ever. I could give so many stories of healing and transformation. I have the utmost confidence in the experience, skill, and intuition of Gerald Cohen — there is no other doctor for whom I can give such respect and trust. I have immense gratitude for how he has changed my life.” – Ananda S.

“I have known Dr. Cohen for 12 years now. First, I came to see him when none of the medical doctors could help me with abdominal pain and confusing digestive symptoms. Traditional doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me since all the labs were normal. Dr. Cohen assured that I won’t die (I really was thinking that I won’t last long). He taught me that my brain functions affects my whole digestion and figured out how to improve it. He uses homeopathic, chiropractic, and different unusual techniques. My life changed a lot thanks to Dr. Cohen’s support. I’ve got control over my pain, became stronger. Dr. Cohen has been successfully treating my 7 years old daughter. She calls him “magical doctor”. I also have been referring my friends and my clients to him for different “unusual” and “unresolved” health problems. Dr. Cohen’s memory holds so much valuable information and he applies it wisely to every individual and unique person.” – Lana B.

“I had migraine headaches for 10 years that were worsening into other symptoms. Since Dr. Cohen’s treatment at The Center For The Healing Process, I have not only been headache free but I have felt healthier mentally, emotionally and spiritually.” – John S.

“Dr. Cohen solves problems. He is a superior technician and medical detective. I have known of his work for over two decades, having sent numerous friends to him, as well as my wife and myself. I have been involved in two auto accidents over twenty years, and crawled in bent over with pain and walked out. When I meet someone who tells me they have a medical issue that cannot be solved, I send them to Dr. Cohen. I have attended his lectures and have seen medical doctors from Stanford in the audience (they identified themselves during questions and answers). He works from a higher standard. He comes up with solutions to problems patients have given up on. He is highly schooled and consistently traveling to seminars around the country absorbing cutting-edge knowledge and filtering it through his academic mind. He is the ultimate Second Opinion doctor, as when you can’t seem to get something in your body or emotions fixed, he seems to know just what tool to use from his wide array of solutions. I also know insurance companies have hired him to review work done by other physicians. There is a reason he has earned the trust of fellow doctors, insurance companies, patients who have to fly in great distances to see him, and his loyal cadre of regulars who have relied on his big heart, sharp brain and open Spirit to make a major difference in their lives, as he has done in mine.” – Primo M.

“I cannot recommend Dr. Cohen enough. All of the tests he runs are FDA approved but not all are commonly ordered – yet – in US.(they are covered by insurance) … so expect your western allopathic physician to be critical of tests ordered by a homeopath/chiropractor that they have not been taught to read (my internist was gracious enough to admit this). Cohen is first and foremost a student. Global cutting edge research is coming on-board constantly and it takes a student to keep up. Why have your health wait the years it takes to be published in Time magazine? Note: Seeing Cohen is not a cheap endeavor and his fees won’t be covered by insurance, but since my medical problems were resolved within months, it was worth every penny. As an aside, this is the second review of anything or anyone that I have written in my 65 years.” – Vicki P.