Examples of Conditions We Treat

ADHD/ADD. A condition that can be treated with a combination of classical homeopathy and targeted nutrition (amino acid) treatment. All treatments are based on laboratory evaluations that may include neuroscience laboratory assessments, blood tests and immune assessments. Our long history of success is based on individualized treatment.

Anger Management. Many times people with anger are suffering from liver and immune system dysfunction toxicity. We treat with classical homeopathy; herbs and relaxation techniques that help people control their emotions.

Back and Neck Pain. There are many different sources to back and neck pain. Some of these can include, muscle, bone, body and brain chemistry, and over exertion just to name a few. By getting the proper diagnoses we use gentle hands on treatment and medicines to reduce inflammation to reduce the root of the pain.

Cancer. Please visit our friends at Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance for info on how we treat cancer.

Colds/Flu. We treat colds and the flu through the homeopathic process, our own custom herbal formulas, pure natural medicines and appropriate high quality nutritional supplements. We also incorporate massage to remove toxins, viruses, bacteria and fungus from the body.

Depression. In many cases depression is an imbalance in the chemistry of the brain that effects the whole body. Classical homeopathy has centuries of experience in managing and gently reducing the symptoms of depression especially in combined use with targeted nutrition. We naturally increase appropriate brain chemicals to reduce symptoms of depression.

Diabetes. Often diabetes is genetically related  (insulin dependent) type one. Some diabetes is lifestyle related  (adult onset) type two. With type one we can reduce the frequency and amount of insulin needed with a low glycemic diet, targeted nutrition and lifestyle medications. With type two diabetes we can modify a diet to the patient’s blood type with targeted nutrition and often times a Mediterranean diet is used with. We also prescribe various types of exercise and medication to treat this condition.

Diarrhea. A toxic digestive system that is caused by poor elimination and poor circulation has many causes. Some of these include intestinal parasites that can be diagnosed from the stool and eliminated through a two-month treatment program. We use specific herbs to get rid of the bacteria that causes diarrhea as well as referring to a world renowned colonic therapist.

Dizziness. 10% of Americans suffers from vertigo. Many times fatigue and disorientation are other symptoms these patients experience. Treatments include gentle repositioning of the spine as well as homeopathic medicines that have proven to be as potent as pharmaceutical drugs if not more potent and more effective.

Skin Conditions (Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne and others). Most skin conditions are connected to issues with the immune system resulting in inflammation. Our approach is to correct the digestive track and body chemistry through targeted nutrition, homeopathy, bowel cleansing, and herbal therapy to restore healthy digestive flora. We also cleanse and support the liver in two phases of detoxification to greatly improve a variety of skin conditions.

Fatigue. We treat fatigue in three phases: Restorative, Adaptogenic, and Excitatory. If a person’s adrenal glands are exhausted they need to be put on a restorative program to avoid a breakdown of the nervous system. After carefully assessing a person’s biochemistry, we use herbs with functional nutrition as well as mind/body techniques and hands on stimulation to treat fatigue.

Healthy Aging. Diseases of aging are not inevitable. Some of the common aging diseases people experience are arthritis, loss of cognitive abilities, diabetes and heart disease. One of the many techniques Dr. Cohen uses is a person specific prescription of six daily activities to promote healthy aging, challenge, complexity, movement nurturing, proper nutrition and community involvement.

Muscle Tension. Frustration, stress and a feeling of being overloaded are common causes of muscle tension. Dr. Cohen uses relaxation techniques that promote the release of unhealthy emotions, massage therapy, polarity therapy to help treat many kinds of muscle tension.

Weight Control. We use machines that measure body composition so we can check the status of the cells and proportion of fat to muscle to make sure that we are not loosing muscle when a person looses weight. Our program consists of FDA approved medical foods, portion management and a balanced diet with exercise to restore the physical structure to its optimal composition. We look at not only the weight but the entire health of cells to measure results.

Whiplash. For 25% of the population if whiplash is not treated properly results in permanently debilitating on-going symptoms. There is large variance on how people respond to hyper-acceleration injuries. The sooner a patient is treated the better, we treat with herbal anti-inflammatory medicines, gentle manipulation, medical exercises and lifestyle changes.

For more information call us at 650-328-4325 or email us at office@centerforthehealingprocess.com

Please visit our friends at http://www.mesothelioma.com/ for info on how homeopathy treats cancerPlease visit our friends at http://www.mesothelioma.com/ for info on how homeopathy treats cancer

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  1. Dr., just watched you on giam tv. you were touting the benefits of the nasal light therapy and how it gets
    more oxygen into the blood, or into part of the cell in the blood. then near the end of the segment you
    said cancer cells require more oxygen.
    Is the light therapy then feeding the cancer cells?

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