Our Services

Along with his dedication and unique holistic approach, Dr. Cohen offers:

    • extensive individualized examinations and evaluations                  
    • accurate and reliable laboratory testing
    • individualized nutritional assessment and protocols
    • personalized treatment goals

Classical Homeopathic Care: 1-1/2 hour session

ghandiquote-780856Physical examination and laboratory testing to assess a treatment program. Classical homeopathic techniques offers an individualized remedy to gently reduce symptoms.

Chiropractic Care: 1 hour session


Chiropractic manipulative treatment and physical medicine focused on restoration and maintenance of health.


Nutritional Assessment: 1/2 hour session


Evaluation of current nutritional intake and offers individualized supplement and dietary changes necessary to improve health goals

***Our office ONLY accepts insurance for the chiropractic manipulative treatment and physical medicine portion of each appointment.